FabBook Storybook
FabBook Studio is the free online storybook design program that provides all the
writting and drawing tools needed to create your very own storybook - by YOU!
Want to bring FabBook Studio to your school, library, or community?Learn about book clubs
Create your own mini storybooks printed to your home printer.
FabBook Studio offers a wide variety of features, tools, and content, thoughtfully presented to make the process of book creation easy and straightforward. Its familiar design looks and performs like an actual book with side by side pages and page flipping. With its user-friendly icons and web design, FabBook Studio gives every writer the chance to become a published author.
FabBook Studio includes a free library of images, or you can upload pictures or choose to draw your own to personalize your stories even more. Plus, you can save your original artwork and use it on other pages or even in other works.
FabBook Studio also includes options for affordably printing your very own, hold-in-your hand hardcover version of your book!
Write, Edit, and
Design Your Layout
Character Creator

Upload Photos or
Draw Your Own

Art Library

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Online Video Tutorial

Creating book clubs allows a club leader to monitor and interact with members of a club directly within FabBook Studio. Book club leaders have the ability to invite others into a club, access their books to review and edit, and allow communication between club members in the form of messaging. Messages can be sent to individual members or broadcast to all members depending on the permissions set by the leader. A Book Club Leader can also have members of a club work on the same book as a group project by creating a new book directly within a book club and assigning it to the members of that club. One member can work on the book at a time, and when their part is done, the leader could then assign the same book to the next member.
Any number of clubs can be created. Leaders invite members to join a club via email. Book club members join clubs for free. A code is provided in order for users to access their assigned book club.
A one-time fee of $4.99 will enable the book club feature for a club leader.